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Edil de Quelimane “dodges” trial

The trial of Manuel de Araújo, current mayor of the city of Quelimane, scheduled for last Monday, was postponed to April for the reason: “work trip”.

Two hours before the scheduled time for the trial in the capital of the province of Zambezia, the lawyers and the victims were already in the courtroom of the third session of the judicial court in the city of Quelimane for the trial. Later there was information that Manuel de Araújo would not attend.

According to DW Africa, the Quelimane Municipal Council sent a request to the judge to postpone the trial scheduled for this Monday (15 February), justifying that Manuel de Araújo is on a business trip.

THE Quelimane edil is accused of slander and defamation against Domingos de Albuquerque and José Lobo, both from the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM), and against Carlos Baptista Carneiro, of the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO), at his inauguration ceremony in February 2019, when Manuel de Araújo was part of the Mozambican National Resistance (RENAMO).

Thus, the trial was postponed until next April and the offended say they will not leave the tray until the accused is held responsible. For example, ex-MDM deputy José Lobo, one of the offended, left an advice: “He made political and management mistakes, he has to wash his image, in politics you have to be very careful, every moment is a moment . ”



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