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Reduces the refusal of foreign citizens to enter national territory by 30%

During the week just ended (23 to 29 January 2021), the National Migration Service (SENAMI) registered a reduction of refusals to enter the National Territory by 30% compared to the same period last year, that is, they were refused Entry into the country 18 foreign citizens for not meeting the necessary requirements for the effect, against 30 of the same period in 2020. This information was made public this Thursday (4th) by the spokesman of the National Migration Service Celestino Matsinhe.

Matsinhe said that of the universe of the refused, the biggest highlight were 06 citizens of South African nationality who did not carry the visa corresponding to the reason for entry into the Republic of Mozambique, invoked in the act of the migratory procedure, followed by 05 Tanzanians, 04 Nigerians, 01 Malian, 01 Pakistani and 01 Somali, for lack of means of subsistence.

The spokesman also advanced our report that the lack of a visa corresponding to the reason for entry, with a focus on the work visa, has been one of the main causes of the refusal to enter the country, since in the previous week (16 to 22 January 2021) 13 foreign citizens were refused entry to the National Territory.

“Refusals to enter the period under review were recorded at the Crossing Points of Mavalane International Airport (07), Ressano Garcia (06) and Negomano (05) “. Matsinhe explained

It is worth noting that Matsinhe pointed out that in the period under review, the National Migration Service repatriated 81 foreign nationals on a national scale to the countries of origin, which corresponds to an increase in the order of 100% when compared to the same period last year, since during this period no foreign nationals were not returned.

“In relation to the previous week (16 to 22 of January of 2021), the registered increase was of 70%, since in that period 24 foreign citizens were repatriated and the main cause of repatriation of these foreign citizens was the illegal stay in the National Territory”. Said the source

It should be remembered that Malawian nationality was here represented a higher rate than repatriates with 46 citizens corresponding to 57% and the Zobuè post represented a higher rate of repatriation with 62%.

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