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“O Homem” – When literature makes us demystify the future!

The American writer Irving Wallace is one of the great references of 20th century historizing literature and the masterpiece “O Homem” is on the pedestal of his more than ten literary “hits” and with several sold-out editions, one best seller par excellence! In this book, it brings us the ability of literature to do futurology, as one of the ways of thinking about the future, alongside prophecy and utopia, of course, according to beliefs!


“O Homem” must be a Gregorian style drama adapted to the political and social circumstances of the United States of the 60s, that is, the story of a black senator elevated by law and by chance to the post of President of the USA !.

After the unexpected death of the President of the United States of America, Douglas Dilman, acting president of the US Senate, succeeds him. It is an eventuality that has not occurred to anyone and that very few like. Because Dilman is also the first African American to hold the presidency of the country. Thus begins one of the most fascinating novels by this writer and he has “sold” several of his works to the cinema.

The drama described in the book, in the controversial 1960s, draws the reader to the center of a political hurricane, in which Dilman has to face three conflicting realities: that of his new position, that of his race and that of his private life. .

From the first to the last page, “O Homem” is a deeply emotional book, the novel president “by force”, has to face a very complicated situation, in which international tensions join an atmosphere of almost rebellion violence, scandal and fierce hostility towards you. And the novel is fast approaching a climax when, for the first time in American history, the Senate meets to remove the President. (…)


Read, it is recommended. Don’t be afraid of the volume of the book, it has about 800 exciting pages!

Irving Wallace was born on June 29, 1916 in the city of Chicago, being the son of Russian emigrants, besides being a writer, he was a journalist and screenwriter for the cinema and won numerous prizes. He died on June 29, 1990 in Los Angeles, victim of pancreatic cancer.


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