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Corona virus “invades” schools

The new corona virus that causes Covid-19 disease has entered schools, with recent data showing that at least 40 students from various educational institutions in Maputo province are infected.

Of this universe of infected, 23 are from the Casa do Gaiato reception and educational center, located in Boane.

This information was advanced this week, on the basis of a diagnosis confirmed the week ended to the students who, being in the family for the celebration of the festive season, returned to the boarding school and to start the classes.

Because some students have symptoms, the entire universe of 123 in-house students at this reception and teaching center underwent testing of covid-19, with the remaining 90 waiting for the results.

According to the spokesman of the provincial Directorate of Education and Human Development, José Luís, in statements from public television, he said that students infected by Covid-19 in Maputo province are in institutional and home isolation and are in the process follow-up of any contacts, however, noting that they had not yet had contact with other students on an external basis.

This scenario may be the tip of the iceberg about what may be happening in other schools that have returned ~ classes, especially if it is considered that few students comply with preventive measures as soon as they leave the school grounds or before entering .

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