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With Bang’s death

A showBiz icon is lost

By: Guêzy Tembe

With the loss of life, in the early hours of Monday, by Adelson Mourinho, known as Bang in the musical and entertainment meander, the most referential icon in the production, promotion and dissemination of the current wave of Mozambican musicians are concerned.

Adelson Mourinho (Bang), 41 years old – founder of Bang Entertainment and the television channel Strong Live, as well as the parent and patron of the project to promote musical talents, Âncora – lost his life when he was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital , South Africa, suffering from a stomach tumor for months.

The intensive medical care he was subjected to was delicate and costly, which led to the ill-fated wife (singer Lizha James), friends and family started a fundraising campaign to get the requested amount of one million rand (about 5,100 rand Billion meticais) to defray the costs of treating the disease.

In December, when the clinical picture of the music producer and promoter worsened, Bang Entertainment and Strong Live television, their companies, issued a statement indicating that the situation was delicate and that Bang had been hospitalized since August, but that the torment of the disease had been going on for a year.

The fateful news of his loss came to us publicly this Monday morning, filling Mozambican society with consternation in general, and particularly the cultural and musical segment.

Part of the legacy

Born in Quelimane, capital of the province of Zambézia, the unsuccessful one stood out in the production of youth talent in the musical area and in the promotion of shows by singers in the first decade of this 21st century, whose artists produced and promoted marked these last two decades.

One of the most active music producers and promoters in the country, in the first decade and second decade of the 21st century, especially for the youth, Bang created Bang Entertainment, which is dedicated to ShowBiz, with the organization and promotion of cultural events, with prominence for Mozambican music made by artists of the new generation.

It is enough to mention that then emerging musicians, now consolidated, such as Valdimiro José, Dama do Bling, Doopaz, Zico, Denny OG, Marlenne,the new vacancy’s wife Lizha Jamese, with visible success, such as Valter Artístico, Celso Notiço, Loyd K, Simone Silva, they are part of the “works” of Bang.


This will be a small sample because, with the Ancora project, more artists were produced and promoted, in addition to musical dance groups.

With a long career in the entertainment field, the entrepreneur, Bang, also organized shows by Angolan singers in the country and promoted many Mozambican musicians abroad. Just to quote what broadcaster Dino Cross, his contemporary, said: “He invested a lot in exporting the artists he worked with and with the music of his artists to be shown on the biggest channel at the time, Channel O. From that time on, Mozambican music has gained international visibility ”.

One of his last investments was the creation of Strong Live television and his entry into the production of videos and short films, a path he had chosen to follow, were it not for this sudden interruption of his journey through life.

It is in the annals of the history of music and national entertainment that Bang, along with his wife, the widow Lizha James, contributed to the strengthening of the music industry and the enrichment of musical productions in the country.

Lizha James, his wife, a leading singer in the country, with whom he married in 2010, created with her assistance and sponsorship Lizha Só Festas, a company dedicated to providing music and entertainment to children.

Our condolences to the wife and daughter, extended to all members of the bereaved family. Rest in peace Bang!

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