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Corruption goes unpunished at SENAMI

Arguido continues to handle public money

  • Indicated in the embezzlement of 17 million meticais, Dário Maculuve continues to manage the institution’s finances and to bleach the damaging management of the Director-General, Arsénia Massingue


Officials of the National Migration Service (SENAMI) with criminal cases in the back for embezzlement, who simply remain at liberty for having paid security, continue to walk their class in this institution, including the financial director of the General Directorate, Dário Maculuve, who had as spearhead of the Director-General, Arsénia Massingue, in her financial misdeeds behind the curtain to fight internal corruption. In fact, it is said that a “blue bag” was created, based on the emoluments of the workers of this paramilitary institution under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, to feed the appetites and desires of senior management, including millionaire acquisitions without public tender and with clear evidence of under-invoicing.


According to what we learned, at the end of 2019 the Maputo City Judicial Court (TJCM) ordered the arrest of certain employees of the National Migration Service (SENAMI) in the country’s capital and Moza Banco after their involvement in a corruption case that defrauded the State by more than 17 million of Meticais that would have occurred in 2017.

The first group involved officials at the level of the city of Maputo, with emphasis on Filipe Cumbi, former director of SENAMI Mário Elias, responsible for DAF and Zura Filipe, also from this department. All at the level of the city of Maputo.


In the second wave of arrest warrants, the highlight goes to the head of Administration and Finance of the institution’s Directorate-General, Dário Maculuve, as it was discovered in the deepening of the investigations that the diversion scheme had foundations at the central level.


However, while the judicial process is taking place, SENAMI employees, internally, were suspended and their orders were frozen, except Dário Maculuve, the head of Administration and Finance at the central level of this institution, even though the investigation by the Central Office of Combat against Corruption (GCCC) has found evidence of its involvement in embezzlement and exorbitant financial deposits for its condition and professional position in its bank accounts, an indicator of illicit enrichment. In fact, his security was arbitrated at about 400 thousand meticais, an amount paid in less than 24 hours after the arrest.

However, in order not to appear to be an isolated case, some indicted subordinate employees also continue to work after paying the bond or released under terms of identity and residence, but ex-city officials await trial at home, which envisions a situation of children and stepchildren in the treatment of employees by the top management of SENAMI.


However, sources linked to the forensic environment say that in those cases where there is evidence of the defendants’ involvement in the financial embezzlement, everyone should be suspended, let alone continue to work in the areas where the embezzlement perpetrated.


Hot back

According to sources of officials of this institution under the Ministry of the Interior, several councils and recommendations for the removal of Dário Maculuve from the financial helm of SEMANI, in the name of the good institutional image, have resulted in failure as the Director General, Arsénia Massingue, has the “tail” stuck in financial dismantling schemes operated by Maculeve, including the need to whiten harmful management behind reformist intentions in the context of the transformation of the National Directorate of Migration into the National Migration Service approved by the Government in 2014.


On the other hand, it is said that the DG is untouchable because it is a senior official in the Ministry of the Interior, where she was Inspector General and holds the rank of General, in addition to having the protectionist of the previous minister who appointed her, Basílio Monteiro, close and reliable picture of the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi.


The truth is that Dário Maculuve, after more than a year that he was constituted defendant and with enough indictment of his involved in the embezzlement of the public purse in about 17 million meticais, continues to manage and manipulate public finances in the National Service of Migration and to walk his class with impunity, in the face of an accomplice of the superior authorities of the Ministry of the Interior, a governmental tutelary entity, and of the complacency and slowness of Justice.


Traces of harmful use of the public purse

According to internal sources, when the scandal of the diversion of 17 million meticais was triggered, the General Inspection of Finance, registered with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, would have carried out an audit that an embezzlement of 9 million meticais at the level of the General Directorate, a process that was initiated but seems to have no legs to walk.


Our sources guarantee that under the cover of combating internal corruption and the introduction of progressive reforms, a centralized scheme for the squandering of the public purse was implemented through the acquisition of unnecessary goods and services and at very high costs that envisage under-invoicing, in addition to the compulsory removal of employees. as a nuisance through a process of transition to “reservation” and without observing the proper procedures and access to legally stipulated rights, such as promotion.


For example, the sources point out that, even though there is an official residence for the position of Director-General, the current helm of SENAMI, Arsénia Massingue, directed the acquisition of a property by 75 million Meticais for his residence and state that the real value is below 50 million meticais.


They also indicate that he ordered the closure of the social centers that existed in the institution and vendors of meals in the neighborhood and he would have installed a container in the vicinity of the headquarters of the Migration for the supply of meals and at a price above the 100 meticais they paid to other suppliers.

It also adds that it would have authorized the supply of meals to a company of its relations, called KIKI, to the employees in service of the headquarters and in the posts at the price of 500 meticais each dish, a value that amounted to 900 meticais on festive occasions, and the the institution even paid an invoice of more than 1.2 million meticais.


Another concern of employees who trigger harmful management in the name of preserving and valuing the public good is related to the fact that 10 million meticais were paid for the rehabilitation of the bathrooms of the institution’s headquarters building, work that they consider not to be worth that value.

On the other hand, the acquisition of six Ford Ranger vehicles, in the amount of 3,160,000 meticals, is listed, and it is stated that four went to four SENAMI area directors, without clarifying the fate of the remaining two. However, the sources say that one was consigned to the Director-General and the other was seen with someone outside the institution.


In this list of apparent abusive expenditure of state money, a payment of about 867 thousand meticais is included to a company called Raibeen Internacional, allegedly through the intermediation of the acquisition of a villa for Migration.

It should be noted that all these acquisitions and contracts were made under the law of the Contract for the Contraction of Public Works, Supply of Goods and Services to the State, with emphasis on Direct Adjustment in cases of astronomical values ​​and cases of supply of goods and payments without any contract.


Five years after the pioneering SENAMI leadership, headed by this senior police officer, Arsenia Massingue and also assisted by another senior staff member, Zainadine Denane, with the mission of implementing progressive reforms and curing cases of corruption, seems to be the case to say that the ‘Amendment was worse than sonnet’.


Waiting for an explanation from SENAMI management

We tried to listen to the Director-General, Arsénia Massingue, to find out the basic reasons for keeping officials in a position of defendants, especially in sensitive sectors where the embezzlement on which they are accused would have happened, but in vain, informed us that he was not in the institution.


We also tried to speak to the institution’s spokesman, Celestino Matsinhe, on the phone, at 84 762 0990, to at least inform us about the disciplinary situation of the indicted and accused defendants in the case of the embezzlement of 17 million people. meticals and perhaps make an interview with the DG feasible, but he did not answer our calls.


We will continue to compel and share the information that comes to us about the management of this central institution for the surveillance of sovereignty through better management and control of services and migratory movements.

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At a high-level meeting, held on Monday (January 11), in Tanzania, between Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi and his counterpart John Magufuli, both accompanied by high-ranking defense and security forces, action strategies were discussed. joint and coordinated efforts to trap the group of insurgents, such as terrorist modus operandi, with foreign leaders, who perpetrate terror in districts of Cabo Delgado province, claiming lives and destroying social and economic infrastructure. Life and death pact After this meeting that lasted about three hours, in Tanzanian territory but close to Cabo Delgado, the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, already in Mozambican territory, without going into details, explains the pact as follows: “Tanzania is saying who prefers to die with us “. 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