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Marracuene welcomes the half Marathon

The government of Marracuene district will hold on December 26th this year, the half Marathon Stélio Craveirinha, track and field coach who trained several athletes of choice, with great emphasis on

the 800-meter world and Olympic champion, Maria De Lurdes Mutola.

With this Marathon, the district government of that city intends to honor one of the icons of the sport, first as an athlete he was a member of the Mozambican delegation that participated in the Moscow Olympic Games, where he reached the mark of 6.94 meters in the long jump qualifiers and several years remained as a national record holder.

Years later, his trajectory would turn out to be a full-fledged trainer, having worked with several athletes, however, three of them deserve to be highlighted: Tina Paulino, Argentina da Glória and Maria De Lurdes Mutola.

This announcement came in handy with the president’s authorization to practice sport in open spaces.

Former Mozambican athlete and trainer Stélio lost his life at the age of 70, in the Central Hospital of Maputo, victim of a prolonged illness.


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