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Domingos Jofane defends to fight computer crimes in prisons

The 3rd Coordinating Council of the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNC) took place in the province of Gaza, district of Chidenguele, between the 10th and 12th of the current month. . It is worth emphasizing that the ceremony had as its motto “For a complete SERNIC, improving the strategy for preventing and combating crime, with a focus on organized and transnational crime”.

The director general of SERNIC Domingos Francisco Jofane said that the holding of the III Coordinating Council of SERNIC served as a reflection to assess the degree of compliance with the decisions issued in the II Coordinating Council, held in 2019, as well as identifying new approaches to fully respond to crime, always bearing in mind the commitment to better serve the citizen. “In this regard, we believe it was possible to establish the guiding principles for the development of activities, we analyze and deliberate on the preparation, execution, control of the plan and budget, we appreciate the proposal the preparation of the strategic plan and the creation of the Database in partnership with the UNDP, as well as reviewing the paradigms introduced by the new Code of Criminal Procedure,the strengthening of friendship and cooperation relations with other States, with INTERPOL and other relevant organizations and, we hope that the proposal of SERNIC’s Internal Regulation, will be submitted for appreciation and approval later this year “.

Jofane also pointed out that there is a new type of crime that has worried several Mozambicans and these crimes have been gaining ground in recent days.

“We also face new dynamics of criminality, with emphasis on computer crimes, and it is worth highlighting the involvement of some individuals who serve sentences in several penitentiary establishments at the national level, in the process of their fight, it is necessary to guarantee the aggravation of the sentences and permanently we must design a plan for searches and magazines in penitentiary establishments. This measure should be extended to those convicted of committing terrorist acts, in order to collect information regarding their connection with other criminal groups. We are therefore delighted to have created the Unit for Gender in the Directorate-General and focal points in all provincial Directorates of SERNIC and, we hope this will result in galvanizing the removal of barriers for the promotion of gender equality and equity in the sector “.stressed the source

It is worth emphasizing that the general director of SERNIC defends that at the event, positive and challenging contributions were presented in a frank and open way to strengthen the response capacity in the prevention, investigation and instruction of Criminal Proceedings. in the objectives set by the Government in the field of public order and security, as well as in the observance of the principle of effective and efficient application of criminal justice.


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