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About the Infamous Yaba Buluku

There is no consensus on the definition of values. They can differ from person to person, from culture to culture. Specifically, values ​​make the connection between individuals and societies. Values ​​also help human beings to generate ethos to guide their lives. Values ​​represent what is important for individuals as social subjects. Moral values ​​are actually a principle of judgment or behavior that applies to others and to society, which assesses the right or wrong people.

The introduction above is about a subject that concerns me as a result of what I watched over the weekend. This week I am going to say some things that will bother some. The troubled ones will say that I am envious, that I say this because, perhaps, the ‘mine does not beat the buluku.’

A new hit has been hitting the town for weeks: yaba buluku[1]. What leads me to write on this subject is not necessarily to publicize the author of such humming, but rather the fever and massive acceptance with which people received the sound. Far from wanting to do a content analysis, it seems to me that we are already totally degraded! Children, young and old, sing, rave, utter the vulgar obscene language conveyed by such ‘songs?’ Social networks are flooded with videos of men and women who exalt the organ of male virility, extolling / appealing to its greatness and vigor.

But let us not be naive: in the world, there is ‘music’ like that! What causes me some confusion is the fact that people from this land who like to criticize the immorality of society, it seems to me to be rendered at the pace of Lucifer!

Throughout the past weekend I witnessed intoxicating and chilling scenarios of eroticism, better than soft porn. I saw men and women of all ages who, in erotic-libidinous movements, who shook their hips, writhed, and beat vigorously in the pubic area at the loud sound of the infamous ‘music’. Some women accompanied by young children who attended the ‘macabre’ spectacle of the parents or at least those who were to care for and protect them. People were shouting that this will be the hit of the 2020 transition! I thought for myself: if in the transition from 2019 to 2020, the hit was Jerusalema, an envangelic rhythm, then this year will be the opposite… a mundane rhythm inspired by Lucifer? Some will say, epah, whatever: we shout Jerusalema and God toasted us with Corona. We better shout yaba buluku,


[1] Hit your underwear / pants, etc.

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