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Mambas and Others

Last week we did a retrospective on the qualification and participation of the ‘Mambas? ” in international competitions with particular emphasis on CAN. We also previewed the journey against Cameroon.

But the spirits of Mataka, Farelahi, Queen Achinvila, the spirits of Macombes, of Manicusse, Ngungunhana, Mondlane, Machel and of so many other anonymous people from this’ Beloved Country ‘Homeland of Heroes’, are revolted with us. Nothing is going well in my Mozambique! How can our selection achieve or aspire to results that ‘dignify’ us if this nation’s heart is bleeding incessantly? How can we predict high flights if the ‘people’ of this homeland are being martyred by people (s) with voracious appetites for power and access and resource control?

How can there be a ‘Mamba’ in a context where dry grass is eaten? A ‘Mamba’ where corruption, nepotism, clientelism, buying favors at all levels and social strata are normalized practices by all of us? Why crucify the “Mambas” if these “serpents” leave the same society to which we all belong? From a society, as Crowford Young used to say, where there is a realization that everything is sold and everything is bought? Let us leave our ‘snakes’ alone! However, remember ‘today and always’ that these ‘snakes’ are being bred in captivity. They are circus ‘snakes’; lost their predatory skills; they are toothless; they have no toxins that even smile at us! Remember, these ‘snakes’ leave this society, therefore, ALL of us, without exception, are equal to them.

The ‘Mambas’ portrayed here are just a bizarre and atrocious sample of the multiple pathologies that plague this homeland. Collectively we are about to enter cardio-respiratory arrest and there will be no resuscitation and resuscitation maneuver and, as a nation, we will be ‘clinically dead’ although we can continue to breathe.


In the past week, social networks have been inundated with videos and news of a bandit, outlaw, gangster, brute known as ‘Parte Côco’. I felt sorry, this country saddened me, when I saw people from almost all social strata ‘promoting’ the image of a marginal. Health professionals landed with the saying whose. It is said that he raped women. But even they were there in poses with the guy, I don’t know if in the hope that it would ‘break’ them… I don’t know what! Country that normalizes the abnormal, glorifies and canonizes gangsters, outcasts and demonizes, outrages, humiliates true patriots!






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