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Election of new governing bodies in sports postponed  

The Board of the General Assembly postponed, to “date to be announced in due course”, the election of the new corporate bodies of Grupo Desportivo Maputo, which should take place this Saturday, 31 October. The decision resulted from the cancellation of the statutory meeting of the partners. At issue, the rules of the State of Public Disaster.

The great meeting was already taking place, in the main hall of the ballroom modalities when the chairman of the General Assembly Board, João Figueiredo, understood that there were no conditions for the event that would culminate in the election of new governing bodies of the alvinegro club, election for which there was a single list of candidacy, led by Alexandre Rosa.

And the argument that canceled the meeting was strong: more than 70 people were present in that place, an affluence that, as Figueiredo argued, violates the rules of the State of Public Calamity in force in the country since September 7.

It is that, according to the Presidential Decree that approves this exceptional context, forced by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, “private events must have a maximum limit of 40 participants”, to which in the Sports Pavilion of Maputo there were more than 70 members of that emblem.

The decision was contested by a well-identified sector of the members, namely the cheerleader Raça Alvinegra, who understood that the future of the club was being postponed by a decision taken by João Figueiredo.

Alexandre Rosa’s list would be rejected!

OC-Olho Clínico knows that, even if all the conditions created for the General Assembly were in place, the elections would not take place this Saturday, October 31st. At least Alexandre Rosa, the only candidate, would not be elected.

According to a source linked to the case, the list of candidates submitted by Rosa would be challenged and later, still during the event, disapproved for allegedly containing vices.

The reason is that not everyone on the candidate’s list is a member of the Grupo Desportivo de Maputo, so they cannot be elected.

December elections

Information still in the possession of OC-Olho Clínico adds that the elections should be scheduled for next December. In other words, it is intended that thirty days will be enough for, on the one hand, Alexandre Rosa to bring a list of partners from Desportivo de Maputo.

On the other hand, that this time may generate more candidates capable of combating the firm idea that Desportivo de Maputo is a club that nobody wants.

Even so, João Figueiredo said that “we are now going to look for mechanisms to make the elections at the club viable, trying to make them happen as soon as possible”,

For now, the composition of the new Club Management Committee will be known within days, the one that will be in charge of managing the club until a new General Assembly is held. OC



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