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Covid-19 Test Dumbangenguization

Since the reopening of the border with South Africa at the beginning of this month, there has been a bustle in the search for tests to be able to make the border movement. But most of them face an obstacle: the Ministry of Health has already made it public that the National Health System does not have tests available for tourism trips, etc. The solution? Private sector where Covid-19 tests are estimated at values ​​above 6000 meticais that most do not support.

It was not long before dumba-nengues specialized in the sale of Covid-19 negative tests appeared. Despite the seriousness of the problem, I am not surprised that this is happening. In a country like ours, that was to be expected. In Moz (as the young people call what liberators also call the homeland of heroes, pearl of the Indian, etc.), everything is sold in the ‘tout’. Death, birth, marriage, medical certificates, etc. are sold here.

The circuit of the sale of tests comes from people ‘inside’ the National Health System who have the ‘expertise’ of the matter (language, blah, blah, blah). It is not just any turnip that once slept, woke up and decided to ‘come up with’ tests. Interestingly, there are those who even buy positive tests to be able to spend some 15 days ‘relaxing’ at home, ‘hitting a good beer’ with the heat. With the dumbanenguization of these ‘documents’, a wide field of suspicion is thrown over who ‘out of nowhere’ says they have Covid: is it true?

In fact, the Covidization of this ‘homeland of heroes’ is a big ‘jackpot’ for some. There are people who, during the daily update reports from the Ministry of Health, keep an eye on the expectation of seeing an exponential increase in cases. On days when the number of cases is relatively low, they are ‘pissed off’. They want apocalyptic numbers to continue to fill their pockets.

In short, the unshakable truth is as follows: in this country, truth, integrity, transparency, morals, customs, tradition, our Africanness are raped. Collectively, we are not indignant in the face of so much evil, ignominy, gluttony, unscrupulous ambition, greed and our return to the state of ‘nature’.

PS This week celebrated the 34th anniversary of the physical disappearance of the Marshal of the Republic and the first independent president of Mozambique, Samora Moisés Machel, which took place on Sunday, October 19, 1986. In most of the press and vast sectors of our society, this date went unnoticed. The search for the truth about the circumstances of the Mbuzine accident does not seem to be a priority for successive governments since then. The already ragged narrative that blames the racism and minority Apartheid regime has to be deconstructed. It is necessary to give space to new narratives in the face of the new evidence that is timidly emerging.


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