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Increase in attacks in Cabo Delgado

The deaths that silence does not overshadow

 The recrudescence attacks in Cabo Delgado are increasingly worrying Mozambican society, given the apparent mutism of government authorities in sharing the factual reality. As an alternative source, the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) came to the public to reveal that in the period from 30 September to 8 October this year, around 20 people lost their lives due to the fire of the insurgents, including two members of the Forces Defence and Security (FDS), numbers that add to the approximately 1500 people killed since the terrorist “fuse” in October 2017.

 Joining other incursions, according to the CDD – a Mozambican non-governmental organization engaged in the promotion of democracy and development – from September 30 to October 8, “a group of terrorists occupied the administrative post of Mucojo and from this point made several inroads in the villages of Naunde, Darumba, Manica, Rueia, Goludo, Pangane, Nambo, Messano, Runho, Muituiro and Ilha Mais ”, he adds, indexing that the balance points“ to at least 20 people murdered, dozens of houses burnt and various stolen products ”.

The note from the CDD, in sharing, also points out that at least two members of the Mozambican Defence and Security Forces (FDS) were killed in Pangane, one of the commercial points of that coastal area, where the insurgents also stole motor boats, boat engines and burned many houses. One of the survivors, listed, reportedly told the CDD investigators that “the ‘al-Shabab’ used five motor boats to transport the stolen goods and headed towards Mocímboa da Praia”.

These attacks, according to the CDD, caused a new wave of displaced people seeking security in neighbouring districts and provinces, namely in Pemba, where the “number could reach 80 thousand”.

It should be noted that the attacks on the province of Cabo Delgado started on October 4, 2017 and so far several estimates point to around 1,500 dead and thousands of displaced people.


On the other hand, it is certain that the FDS have been fighting insurgents, including with the help of foreign private forces, in some cases stampeding and with great casualties, but the attacks continue and there are reports of increased insecurity in this province that it is the latest oil & gas “sanctuary” with international investments.


However, what has also worried some sectors of Mozambican society, including political parties, is the government’s apparent silence regarding the situation in Cabo Delgado, which, for some analysts, reflects the gravity of the situation in the theater of operations. But on the defensive, the Government denies that there is mutism on its side.


In the list of challenges to the apparent governmental silence, the CDD stands out, which, using a social spokesperson, says that Mozambicans “would like to know what will have failed for the conflict to evolve and spread to more districts of Cabo Delgado; how to justify. Mr. President of the Republic, the death of at least 1500 people and the displacement of another 350 thousand “?


On the part of the political parties, the MDM, in the voice of the head of the parliamentary bench, speaking at the opening of this session of the Assembly of the Republic, stated that the lack of information about the conflict in Cabo Delgado “gives rise to many speculations” regarding what it’s really happening in that province.

The journalistic class is not unaware of the situation, and mediafax journalist Fernando Banze considers that the apparent silence of the authorities reflects the seriousness of the security situation in Cabo Delgado, “which is really deteriorating, in a way accentuated and progressive with each passing day “.


Cited by DW Africa, as an example, he advanced, on Monday, that it was already about 45 days, “and until today nobody knows if Mocímboa da Praia has been recovered by the Defence and security forces or if it is still under the occupation of the insurgents”.

For Laurindo Macuácua, editor of the electronic newspaper Diário de Notícias, the Government, with this silence, is trying to hide the difficulties that its forces are facing on the ground.

“It is anticipated that this war will be very long, the situation in Cabo Delgado is drastic and I think that in this scenario, the Government should say what is really happening”, he considers.

Some currents of opinion understand that the offensive against the insurgents has not gone well, which is why the Government opts for silence.


The “pivot” of the counter insurgency….

However, the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, denies that there is silence on the part of the Government. “We are saying that people are killing, they are burning houses; we are saying that they do not speak, they do not say who they are and what they want, and there are those who understand that the country has to say,” said the Mozambican statesman.


The FDS without many triumphalistic speeches in recent times, seems to have come up with a “voluntary” spokesman, the political analyst Egídio Vaz, who after having been as a “consultant” of the opposition, especially Renamo and fond of his deceased leader Afonso Dhlakama, now entrenched himself in the bands of the regime of the day, led by Frelimo.


Strangeness, as an operative agent than an analyst, posted on social networks that report very triumphant, exactly in the areas that concerns the whole society.


With the title “against insurgency”, he notes that “they washed a lot of -270 slaughtered in the forests of Auasse – three days of hunting for man. No casualties on the FDS side. Great victory!”


This “pivot” of the counterinsurgency, perhaps replacing the ministers of Defence and interior, says that you can say that Mocimboa da praia is clean now, with some caveats in Macomia. Those who entered Tanzania, better stay there and change their lives. Because the border is sealed on this side and armed. Seven trucks to collect the diverse military logistics, recovered from the bad guys. “Big win”, considers Vaz.


Now, what remains to be seen is how such information, detailed if true, would have been, and as far as the analyst Vaz is concerned is not an official of any state agency unless he was recently recruited as a “mono” agent.

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