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First Professor of Mathematics honored by MCESTP

In a history of the country in the wake of the academy, the first woman in the country was known last month and with this achievement, the sector that deals with higher education and professional technicians was not happy to show that these women are worth to the country.

For this minister of Science and Technology, Higher Education and professional technician Gabriel Ismael Salimo paid tribute on the last Monday (12th) day of the teacher with a gesture of giving the diplomas of honor to the Professor Sarifa Abdul Magide Fagilde and Raquel Matavele Chissumba, by notable effects recently achieved in the academic and scientific research areas.

The ceremony to pay tribute to these Mozambican women who symbolize Mozambican pride, the CTESTP minister in his intervention considered that this sign means a lot to science and to the country in particular, because women in the area of ​​science for the sector he directs.

According to Gbariel Salimo, in view of this noble qualification, he supported the fact that there are more women in the areas of science because in fact they are the ones that mark a high level effect and beyond themselves, it will be an incentive for women and young people in general to embrace this is the area of ​​science and technology. Salimo left an appreciation of comfort for the conquest without leaving what is the vision of the ministry he protects.

“The ministry in general is to raise the quality of teaching and here, there is a double meaning. In addition to the arrival of a PhD Professor, it improves what are conditions for improving teaching, but, as a woman, there are specific programs that we are bringing to women to cover this area ”, congratulated Gabriel Ismael Salimo Minister of CTESTP.

However, for Professor Sarifa Abdul Magide Fagilde, she was satisfied with the recognition that she was not expecting it to happen and in the same sequence stressed that the challenges are immense because she has been teaching since almost 43 years and it was only at this point that she reached as a full professor and in view of that, describes the challenges and how it was in this nest.

“There were several challenges because I had several moments to reconcile the administration and academy which was not easy, but the willpower must be extremely planned and organized and I made it possible to reconcile the two things with some delay, but I managed to reach that title”, underlined Sarifa Abdul Magide Fagilde.

In terms of teaching, the professor expects a challenge to mold the ideas that Mathematics is difficult now, it is not for women and mentioned that she will continue to work with the student community to mobilize mathematics with taste.

It is important to mention that, in statistical terms, it was weak in this component and for MCTESTP this is one more and diminishes the difference that the sector had and it will also have a catalytic effect in mobilizing women because from then on other girls and women in general will believe that is possible.

The event took place at the MCTESTP facilities in the city of Maputo where the teaching staff were present.

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