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IN Portugal : Sporting will pay 600,000 euros for Geny to Amora

Last September, Sporting Clube de Portugal decided to offer a professional contract to Geny Catamo, the young Mozambican winger, only 19 years old. At the time, it was said that the connection was protected by a € 45 million clause.

However, more details are known both of the initialed contract between Sporting and Geny Catamo, as well as the initialed agreement between the two emblems involved in the transfer of the young athlete: the lions and Amora FC.

According to an official document to which OC-Olho Clínico had access, deposited by the lions with the CMVM – Securities Market Commission, the contractual link that links the Mozambican athlete to that emblem is valid for five seasons. That is, until June 30, 2025.

More. Contrary to what emerged in September, the termination clause is set at 60 million euros and not 45 million. He is, by the way, one of the “best” armored athletes in the Leon squad, equaled by weights like Luciano Vietto, Sporar, Gonzalo Plata and surpassing, in the same circumstances, goalkeeper António Adán and central players Coates and Feddal.

Rúben Amorim decisive in hiring Geny

Geny Catamo arrived at Sporting in July 2019 on loan from Amora FC SAD. As a loaner, he evolved in the under-19s and under-23s.

However, it was only last August that he joined the team A internship, under the command of Rúben Amorim, a wonderful feat that will have accelerated the signing of the professional contract in September.

On that day, Geny stopped being an athlete loaned by Amora FC SAD to become, after all, a senior athlete at Sporting Clube de Portugal. Integrated in team B, but registered as an athlete of team A for the matches of the Portuguese First Football League and for the Europa League. With the 57 jersey.

The terms of the deal

When the contract was signed, little was known about the contract, other than the 45 million termination clause, 15 million cheaper than the real value.

However, through the document we refer to, Sporting declares to the CMVM that it only holds 25% of the athlete’s pass, however purchased free of charge.

Amora FC SAD continues with 75% of the pass of the Mozambican athlete, a percentage for which Sporting should pay, in the next five years, 600 thousand euros in installments in several tranches. OC


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