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“Young people need to bet on self-employment” argues Aristides Cossa

In view of covid-19 the unemployment rate increased in the country, which led many young people to despair without knowing what to do, a fact that there is a high number of young people infected with the new coronavirus because they have not followed the recommendations imposed by MISAU . That is why the Mozambican Youth Organization (OJM) is concerned with young people.

Aristides Cossa, secretary of OJM at the level of the Ketmbe District, assured our report that the Organization has organized several activities with the aim of sensitizing young people.

“In the face of current challenges we strive to sensitize young people in our District to protect themselves from the new coronavirus, in the past we have seen many young people learn certain opportunities however we as OJM have the role of encouraging young people to be able to embrace self-employment entrepreneurship, until then we have had young people who do carpentry, metalwork, others embrace civil construction these young people are an example to show that the current situation does not prevent anyone from continuing to fight for a better life “launched Cossa

The secretary also pointed out that the covid-19 delayed some projects that the Organization had for this year.

“On the one hand, I believe that Covid- delayed our projects because we have an annual activity plan and when this outbreak occurred, our attention turned to the act of personifications and in the act of soledarieda, that is, we have donated homemade masks and food kits to needy young people, but also before covid-19, we have given our lectures whose objective was to unite young people to talk about the role of youth in the struggle for peace and the development of our country “explained Aristides Cossa

It should be noted that the OJM Secretary at District level Katembe Aristides Cossa explained the Organization in his District has registered several challenges.

“being a high age group for young people, I believe that employment is our main challenge and other young people claim for just an opportunity to show what they are capable of, since we have some private partners we have fought to fit some young people “.

It should be remembered that during the interview, the secretary said that the OJM in his District aims to have more young people in the organization in order to continue fighting for peace and development in the country.

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