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More than 40 young people from OJM will be trained in matters of leadership and sovereignty

There are a total of 50 young people who will be trained in matters related to leadership and sovereignty in the Kamavota Municipal District in the city of Maputo, the same training that will also be for the 132 cell secretaries.

The first secretary of the Frelimo party Ernesto Uache said that this meeting aims to train young people in matters of leadership in the cells.

“this training is taking place in Albazine where 132 cell secretaries will be present, they will be trained in leadership matters in their cells and as we are facing covid-19 we will divide the graduates into groups so as not to be in clusters” launched

He stressed that the cells, committees of circles and committees of the zones as well as the young people are aware of the pandemic but one cannot stop working.

“We must continue to work and continue to raise awareness among the population so that they respect social distance and hand washing with soap and water to fight this invisible evil, I must remember that 50 young people will benefit from this training and we will not stop for because we do this training in groups as a way of respecting social distance “. Said Uache

André Chambule secretary of OJM at the level of the Municipal District Kamavota points out that this is the first seminar organized by the District.

“We have 50 young people gathered with the idea of ​​doing partial training so as not to cause clusters, and at the moment we have two panel themes whose first is linked to sovereignty and the second is linked to the issue of covid-19 with a special connection of the churches “.

The secretary assured that the issue of sovereignty has been worrying because the North and Center areas where terrorists are taking over.

“We brought this theme of sovereignty because of these attacks that happen in the north and center of the country because it is a problem that has been worrying us a lot, as young people we want to design strategies to see how we can end these attacks, I must remember that our District has followed all the recommendations to fight the pandemic and we will continue to sensitize the markets since there are still clusters to be seen “. Finished the source

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