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Mozambicans qualified for Portugal Cup third round

 Amora beats Ferreiras with Bruno Langa as holder

Amora Futebol Clube, where Mozambican players Bruno Langa and Gildo Vilanculos play, guarantees a place in the third round of the Portuguese Cup, with a triumph wrecked.

With Bruno Langa starting Amora Futebol Clube, he moves forward in the Portuguese Cup, but qualifying for the third round was not easy to achieve, despite having faced a lower level opponent.

The game was not very interesting and, it was not always well played, but even so the superiority almost always belonged to the Amorense team that dominated the opponent at their pleasure, but did not find solutions ahead to score.

Already in extra time, near the end of the first half, Amora was reduced to 10 units, when it was thought that the tie would be decided by taking penalties, that’s what Valdu Té, in the 118th minute, ended up deciding the match with a head hit after a corner taken from the right side of his attack.

It was a hard-won victory, it is true, but at the same time entirely deserved because the group of Mozambican internationals was indeed superior.

It is worth remembering that, due to the Mambas internship, the Mozambican international Gildo Vilanculos was not present in this match.

Ricardo Mondlane from Sanjoanense removes Canelas from the Cup

In a match valid for the second round of the queen competition, the Associação Desportiva Sanjoanense of Mozambican player Ricardo Mondlane, had to resort to penalties to qualify for the 3rd round of the Portuguese Cup.

The Mozambican player Ricardo Mondlane, is since the beginning of October, integrated for the first time in the preparation stage of the Mambas.

Point out that, Mondlane renewed his contract for two seasons with the Associação Desportiva Sanjoanense, a club that fights in the senior Portuguese championship, where he will serve the second season at the service of alvinegros.

Finally, Atlético Clube Alcanenense wins against Entroncamento, with Celso Henriques and Adilson Jorge Mozambican players in the starting lineup

Atletico Clube Alcanenense won by two balls to AC Entroncamento.

The Mozambican players’ team scored through António Sanca on 23 and 81 minutes,Mozambicans are qualified for the third round of the Portuguese Cup.

Remember that, the Mozambican players, Adilson Faite and Celso Máquina, renewed their contracts for another season, with the Portuguese formation Atlético Clube Alcananense.


Celso Máquina and Adilson arrived in Portuguese football in 2019, at the hands of the Black Bulls Association.

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