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Mozambique beaten by Angola

The national soccer team, Mambas, was defeated, by 0-3, of the second and last preparation game held this Tuesday afternoon before their Angolan counterpart, Palancas Negras.

The game took place in Rio Maior, on the outskirts of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, and was part of Data-FIFA and counted for the preparation of all of us for the double confrontation with Cameroon counting for the third and fourth round of Group F qualification to CAN -2022.

After a relatively balanced first half, the Mambas conceded the goal even after falling from the first half of the game, with Mateus Galiano taking a free-kick that went straight to the back of the Guirrugo net.

In the second half and at 77 minutes Mateus Galiano scored twice in the match to the dismay of the Mozambicans who had already come from a defeat at this stage against Guinea – Bissau (by 0-1) in a match held on 8 October.

The match took on a thrashing effect, as in the 79th minute Gelson Dala made the third for Palancas Negras, making the most of another defensive mistake by the team led by Luís Gonçalves.

Here is the starting lineup for this match:

Mozambique: Guirrugo; Bheu, Zainadine Jr. Bonera and Reinildo; Kambala, Domingues, Gildo, Geny; Ratifo and Witi (LANCEMZ)


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