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Cabo Delgado concentrates European Union

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union (EU) meeting this Monday in Luxembourg, had as one of the topics of discussion the insurgency in Cabo Delgado, whose attacks are considered to be of a terrorist nature inspired by Islamic extremism. Unaware of the specific decisions taken, the debate aimed at responding to the request for support sent by the Mozambican authorities to deal with attacks in the north of the country that have lasted three years and with the risk of calling into question the mega project for natural gas exploration in the Rovuma basin, where several European interests are represented.

 The terrorist attacks that plague districts in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, in the north of the country, entered the debate agenda in Luxembourg, after the announcement made by the EU ambassador in Maputo that Brussels (headquarters of the European Union) will help Mozambique in the fight to armed groups classified as “terrorists” in Cabo Delgado.

Specifically last Friday (9 October), the EU ambassador in Maputo, Antonio Sánchez-Benedito Gaspar, announced that Brussels to help Mozambique in combating armed groups classified as “terrorists” in Cabo Delgado, following a request for support from the Mozambican government. “The requests that have been made to the EU have received a positive response and now we have to work on the different questions that have been asked,” said the ambassador.

The Mozambican government’s request was addressed last September 16 by the head of Mozambican diplomacy, Minister Verónica Macamo, through a letter to the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, asking for support in logistics and specialized training of the forces to stop the armed incursions of military groups classified as terrorists in Cabo Delgado.

António Sánchez-Benedito Gaspar explained that the idea is to strengthen the response capacities of Mozambique, clarifying, however, that “the arrival of European military personnel to the country is not on the agenda”.

The province of Cabo Delgado has been the scene of armed attacks launched by insurgents for three years, considered terrorists for their modus operadi. The violence provoked a humanitarian crisis with more than a thousand dead and about 250 thousand internally displaced persons.


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