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International Investment Conference of the province of Zambézia

PM challenges provincial governing bodies and APIEX and BNI to support the business sector

The prime minister made this statement at the close of the Zambezia Investment Conference.

During the two days of the Investment Conference, it resulted in approximately 4.3 billion US dollars.

According to the Prime Minister, the biggest post-conference challenge is to, from now on, continue to work hard and pragmatically to convert the commitments made here into actions.

“Therefore, it is imperative that we establish coordination and monitoring mechanisms that will speed up the implementation of the projects in the portfolio, as well as allowing any constraints that may arise in the process of materializing the commitments assumed during this Conference to be overcome”, stressed PM Carlos Augustine of Rosario.

In this context, the PM appealed to the governing bodies of the province, in conjunction with the Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Exports (APIEX), to establish, now, a mechanism that allows the actions registered in the matrix to be followed up.

However, this coordination and monitoring mechanism should serve to maintain a permanent link and contacts with potential investors who have expressed interests at this Conference.

Do Rosário added that the governing bodies of the province must establish and manage an electronic platform that serves as a meeting point and permanent contact between investors, entrepreneurs and financial services operators?

In addition, the governing bodies of the province should periodically carry out balance sheets and reports on the status of the projects and the levels of investments attracted after this conference.

On this occasion, the governing bodies of the province were recommended to work with APIEX and the National Investment Bank (BNI) in order to support the province’s business sector to structure their projects so that they can establish internal and external partnerships.

In the same context, APIEX should articulate with cooperation partners in order to ensure funds that enable the creation of lines of financing at the provincial level for the local business sector through the National Investment Bank (BNI) and other banks.

These lines of financing would serve to grant credits for the implementation of structuring projects announced during this Investment Conference and also for other initiatives that will take place in other parts of our country in the future.

At the Investment Conference, ongoing actions were announced to implement structural projects in the agriculture, agro-processing, tourism, special economic zone and Mocuba free trade zones, as well as the construction of the Mugeba dam.

And another structuring project that was presented at the conference is the construction of the Macuse deep water port which, due to its high potential to develop this province and to generate jobs, has deserved our special attention

The managers of this project announce some progress and stages that envision encouraging scenarios in relation to the beginning of the first phase of construction of the Port of Macuse, after many years of attempts to find solutions to take this step.

The International Investment Conference took place in the province of Zambézia, ending on the 27th of last month.


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